Wednesday, August 28, 2013

International Women’s Air & Space Museum

When we think about aviation and space, almost immediately, we would picture a handsome looking guy all dressed up smartly in a pilot’s or an astronaut’s attire. Rarely would we think that women would be involved in anything related to air or space. Before you jump into conclusion that it is a guy thing, think again. And perhaps a trip to the International Women’s Air & Space Museum in an Ohio charter bus with your friends would be a wonderful eye opening experience for all.

Admission into the International Women’s Air & Space Museum is free because they are housed in a public building and it is located at the terminal of Burke Lakefront Airport. This will be quite an easy place for the Ohio charter bus driver to locate and you can be sure that you will get there in with plenty of time to spare if you and your friends are interested in being part of their tour. The museum offers free tours to the public every Saturday at 1pm, so if you would like to be part of the tour, be sure to inform the charter bus company when you call them to make a booking for one of their buses. The opening hours for the exhibits in the museum is from 8am until 7pm daily while the museum office, gift shop and Fay Gillis Wells Research Center are only open from Mondays through Saturdays, from 10am until 4pm. They are also closed on major holidays, except on Labor Day.

Through the various exhibits and displays at the International Women’s Air & Space Museum, the role of women in aviation and space is very much highlighted. Great achievements of women like Amelia Earhart and Sally Ride are some of the icons that you will learn about in this museum. They also have hands on activities for families every Saturday at their Joan L. Hrubec Aviation Education Center, so be sure to drop by and check them out before you leave the museum. The displays and exhibitions in the museum are never the same all year round as they change their displays often, so you can always return to visit and discover something different or something new that you most likely didn’t see the first time you were here with your friends. And when you are done touring the museum and still have time to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which is just one block away, feel free to do so by letting the charter bus driver know to send you and your friends there.

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