Friday, July 12, 2013

Going Around At Ohio’s Unique Merry-Go-Round Museum

Merry-go-rounds are fun and exciting. And we all love merry-go-rounds. The young, the old, and the not so old – merry-go-rounds are something that people of all ages would enjoy. And if you ever found out that there is a merry-go-round museum in town, we bet you would not hesitate to be one of the first to go check it out – and that is exactly what you’re going to do when we tell you that at 301 Jackson St., Sandusky, OH, there stands a Merry-Go-Round Museum. Yes, you read it correctly – a Merry-Go-Round Museum right here in Ohio; and now, how about chartering an Ohio bus to take you and your whole family to the museum for a time of exciting fun and recollecting the good old days of playing and riding on merry-go-rounds!

As you and your group of visitors arrive in the Ohio charter bus on the grounds of the Merry-Go-Round Museum, which is located right at the corner of the street, you will be thankful for arriving on a bus. That’s simply because if you have driven there yourself, you would have to look for a parking spot and walk a bit to the museum compared to when you arrive in a chartered bus and getting down from the bus right at the doorstep of the museum – and that’s one of the privileges that you get to enjoy when you charter a bus for any of your outings.

A good information for Ohio chartered bus visitors would be that the Merry-Go-Round Museum first opened its doors to the public on July 14, 1990 and since then, it’s been a place where many young visitors (and those who are young at heart too) would go and visit. The museum was originally a post office that was converted into what it is today. As you tour the museum, you will learn about how they restore and rebuild some of the worn out carousel animals, and they also have a carousel that is still in good working condition that you can get to ride on. As you go around the museum, they also have volunteers in there who will share with you and tell you stories behind the carousel animals – they truly are passionate about what they do and they are really friendly too. There are lot of pretty and beautiful carousel animals that are on display for you to take photos of them and with them.

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