Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Toledo Museum of Art

Despite being such a small city, as compared to other larger sister cities in and around it, Toledo DOES have one of the most awesome museum of art there is. It is interesting and large enough to qualify as one of Ohio's most jaw-dropping museum of all times! Don't believe us, just head over to this amazing museum of art to see for yourself and if you have the time to organize a group charter bus trip, you should, especially if you are a fan of history, culture, entertainment, lifestyle and of course, art.
Suffice to say, many wished that the Manet exhibit was a permanent feature for the museum, because many people made their way in their large rented party bus, tour bus, charter bus or other group rental vehicles just to see the renowned Manet exhibit, all the other more permanent exhibits are well worth a check as well. The Manet exhibit has been and will always be a world class exhibit, something that you don't see all the time in a small town like Toledo.
Over the course of time, the museum's exterior has undergone some facelift because the building has been around since the museum came into operation in 1901. Suffice to say, the world class exhibit has earned the Toledo Museum of Art a name and reputation as one of the world's top quality museum with an extensive world class exhibits. To top it all off, they offer extensive programs to teach those who are interested in art.
The programs brings interested visitors all the way back to the history of glass art, American and European painting, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Asian and African artistic styles too. It basically introduces you to a world where the imagination comes alive and this will become your chance to push your imagination and its boundaries a little further.
Make no mistake about it; the museum does introduce you to age-old art forms but they are very open to ideas and have much to teach about decorative, sculpture, graphic, modern and contemporary art too – a visit to this museum is a true eye-opener for anyone who is interested in art, let's just say.
The museum started off as a two-room facility with humble space for any kind of exhibit that they can get their hands on...and they have doubtlessly come a long way since then because with the rapid expansion of their facility, building and grounds, they now have thirty six acres worth of exhibition space! The museum has two floors of space with forty five galleries for visitors to explore and also concert hall that can seat up to a thousand seven hundred and fifty people at any one given time.

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